Door Handle Care Instructions

Door handles, pull handles and window handles are often incorrectly used, damaging the product and the quality standrard defined by the producer.
Common errors include:

Extra care should be taken when handling glass or porcelain door handles as these materials are fragile and more readily broken if mishandled.

We recommend using a doorstop fixed to the floor or wall in the vicinity of the door to prevent the door handle banging into the wall.

The handles sold on our website do not require excessive maintenance. However, proper cleaning of door handles is essential for maintaining a perfect finish and increasing their lifespan. The instructions given here provide comprehensive advice on looking after your door handles, door knobs and accessories.

Brass Door Handles

All our brass door handles are treated using advanced laquers and will provide many years of service in normal conditions. Use a cloth moistened with soapy water, or beeswax, to clean your brass handles. NEVER USE METAL CLEANER OR AEROSOLS TO CLEAN BRASS DOOR HANDLES.

Eventually the handle's lacquer coating may breakdown, at which point the handle should be removed and treated with acetone thinner using a soft brush. Then use a soft cloth to dry the handle and polish with metal polish. Now the door handle can simply be polished as and when required, but we recommend that you do not relaquer the handle.

Chrome Door Handles

Our chrome door handles are virtually maintenance-free. We recommend cleaning chrome door handles with a soft cloth and non-abrasive wax polish.

Stainless Brass Door Handles

Our stainless brass door handles have been treated using an advanced process involving robotic polishing, chrome plating and application of a gas and zirconium mixture. This results in a highly polished door handle with an immaculate finish and superior durability. We can therefore offer a 25 year replacement guarantee on all our stainless brass door handles.

The handle's surface is resistant to all forms of corrosion including oxidation and abrasion. Regular cleaning of stainless brass door handles with non-abrasive wax polish is still required to sustain a perfect appearance. Should your handle acquire a stain which cannot be otherwise removed, we suggest using white spirit or similar spirit based fluids.

Stainless Steel Door Handles

The corrosion resistance of a stainless steel door handle is largely dependent on how clean the handle is kept. Any contamination of the surface will impair the action of the thin layer of chromium oxide which is central to the protection of stainless steel products. Regular and frequent cleaning of stainless steel door handles is therefore key to preserving their appearance. For best results use a clean cloth and warm water with a mild detergent. Should any stains remain, we recommend using mild, non-scratching abrasing powders such as typical household cleaners. Dilute in warm water and apply with sponges, cloths or brushes. For harsher stains, a drop of vinegar in addition may help.

Please DO NOT use carbon steel brushes or steel wool as these may leave particles embedded in the surface of the door handle, which can lead to rusting.

After cleaning the handle, rinse in clean hot water and dry completely with a towel.

We recommend cleaning once a month, or more for handles especially susceptible to soiling.

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